Hospital Management Software Features

Our Features


Looking for an all-in-one solution for your Hospital?

  • An excellent solution to simplify your interactions with patients and carry out other daily workflows
  • Provides all data in a single platform, to provide valuable insights into hospital operations and the quality of patient care
  • Integrated Stock management for keeping the optimum level of stock and efficient tracking of the stock
  • Increase your revenues by deploying our Hospital Information Management System, HospiNEXT (either On-premise or Cloud)

OP-IP Patient Transfer

Manage outpatient and in-patient transfer process by using our software. The software automatically records the transfer of patients to different clinical departments and rooms in the clinic. From data entry to trip progress reporting, everything is manageable smartly with our hospital MIS.


Patient Registration for IP

Our software includes a robust patient registration module to let staff record the patients’ names, their IDs, and appointment scheduling details. The admin can easily view emergency visits, scheduled visits, cancelled visits, and previous patient visits. There is also an option for viewing the booked slots and free slots.


Appointment Management

One can manage appointment schedules from one platform with robust features and functionalities. Facilitates booking confirmation messages and booking reminders to patients. One can find a user-friendly booking widget for easy appointment bookings. Visitors can select the preferable time, doctor and date of appointment.


Patient Management

As patient flow management is a routine process, one can automate it by using our MIS. Our software can simplify different tasks i.e., appointment scheduling, medical data collection, and follow-up patient care, like checkup visits and prescription medications. Moreover, with an easy record transfer and better patient workflow, one can prevent treatment errors.


Medical Prescription

Both patients and clinicians will get benefits from this module, as it keeps the medical parameters organized in one place. Moreover, one will have advanced e-prescribing capabilities using our software. Our software helps in maintaining high accuracy in electronic prescriptions. We have designed this module following the e-prescribing regulations.


Patient Medical Profile

This module gives an insight into the study-relevant parameters related to patients’ health. It enables to check the patient history, maintain the data quality, and ensure patient safety. Healthcare service providers can easily analyze the recorded data on the patient’s disease. Moreover, the automated system also provides the latest updates on the disease.

Admit Cards

An admission card is provided to in-patients. One can use our software to record the admission data. Also our HospiNEXT can be used to digitize the document, hence eliminating human errors. One can track the bed numbers, room numbers, and room transfers in this module.


Staff Scheduling

One can schedule medical staff and nurses to assign different shifts and mark on-call assignments. One may also view those assignments at any time. Besides, one can easily identify qualified medical staff to fill open shifts. Moreover, by previewing work schedules, one can make modifications, if required.


Operation Theatre Booking

This module helps to book an operation theatre for a patient at a particular time and date. One may use the IP number to allocate the OT for a surgery. Also scheduling the resources for surgery can be done. Thus, OT reservations become easy with a few clicks.


Pre-operation / Post-operation Process

Make patient journey smooth with the pre-operative and post-operative management system. One can record every healthcare solution needed during pre-operative and post-operative periods. Thus, medical staff can easily prepare a patient for the surgery and help him to achieve recovery within the shortest time.


Ward Management

The ward management module helps in managing rooms, beds, and wards in the hospital. We have added dynamic functionality to record the ward-related data. One can assign patients to beds and ward rooms. It is easy to check the bed availability and occupancy status. Ward room maintenance details can be achieved with a few clicks.


Case Sheet

Digital case sheet helps keep patients' data organized. The case sheet provides details about patient's age, height, race, weight, sex, and occupation. It also lists the disease-related information of the patient. Thus, it is easy to access the patient's medical records using our software.

Discharge Sheet

We have a separate module to create discharge sheets for patients. One can include a patient’s primary diagnoses, hospitalization details, family instructions (like discharge medications and dietary details). It is easy to prepare an informative sheet when discharging a patient from the clinic.


Diagnostic/Lab Tests

The diagnostic report and lab test report must be easily accessible to patients and physicians. We have carefully designed this module based on industry standards. The report design makes the details readable and comprehensible to everyone. The pathology and radiology departments will get benefits from it.



One may have integrated a pharmacy with HospiNEXT, but we offer medication expiry management, stock management, reordering schedules, and sales bill creation, to ease the operations. Thus, one can use a single platform to deal with pharmacy and clinic’s activities.


Certificates Module

This module manages birth and death registration details and creates digital certificates. The birth certificate module includes the newborn’s birth data, ID number, and family relationships. Similarly, the death certificate module has details about the death date and time. It is also easy to send the information to any government portal.


Finance and Billing

Manage the account receivables and billing processes using HospiNEXT. The software tracks real-time transactions and records financial details. Also, one can check the credit and debit balance from one platform. Receivables can also be viewed.


3rd Party Medical Insurance

This module helps in processing insurance claim forms and facilitates insurance-related billing. Moreover, one can view the insurance claim status and track the pending claims. The system helps in saving money due to the better management of medical insurance claims.


Asset Management

As hospitals have invested in various medical assets and devices, it is essential to track them properly. HospiNEXT - Asset Management Module provides accurate data with updated security technology. One can avoid work delays caused by the loss of equipment, also can make the optimal use of assets by avoiding unnecessary purchases.



Medical reporting is one of the crucial parts of healthcare solutions. HospiNEXT helps giving accurate medical report with no mess. Depending on the users' role the separate reports are generated, i.e., for lab, pathology center, operation theater, and radiology department .


Role-Based Access

HospiNEXT gives role-based access to the dashboard. Nurses, physicians and accountants get customized dashboard.And the dashboard contains sensitive data and financial records.


Medical Tourism

We facilitate better treatment at different country for effective healthcare solutions at comparative rates. Our medical tourism module helps patients with a better, faster, cheaper options at various locations.


Citizen Portal

We have deployed citizen portal that provides useful healthcare information. One can learn about different diseases and national healthcare programs. It will also be easy for one to know the availability of nearby blood banks, hospitals, and ambulances.